Video Viola audible visuals for viola solo with colorful free spaces

VIDEO VIOLA is the soundtrack to a performance with live video that consists of new compositions and improvisations for viola solo. 

You can find a short Video Viola feature @ Het Klankcafé in Vondel CS here:
Video Viola@HetKlankcafé

On Video Viola you can hear the viola in all its aspects in new pieces by living Dutch composers who wrote specially for Saskia Meijs & her instruments. You can also hear the melancholic sounds of the violaphone: a viola that amplifies its sound through a metal resonator and metal horn rather than through a wooden sound box like the one on a standard viola.

In between the composed songs sometimes you will hear interludes: residual sound material from the recording sessions, made into little musical breaks to freshen up ears and mind before you move on to the next song.

Different sound effects and loops will take the viola out of its classic comfort zone: the viola in a new light! During the live performance this new light will be there literally, because video art (by Martijn Grootendorst) is a full partner in the interaction with the music and reinforces its narrative character even more.

Special thanks to all donors via! Without them this album would not have been possible.

Listen to Video Viola whenever and wherever you like!
This brand new CD, with new compositions of famous Dutch composers (f.e. Martin Fondse, Ernst Reijseger, Maurice Horsthuis, Job Chajes, Gabor Taryan) for viola/violaphone solo, is now available for only €15,-
Please send your home address to and make a bank transfer of €19,- (€15,- + €4 postage) to:
S.L.P. Meijs, Amsterdam
bankaccount: NL02INGB0001039824
The CD will come your way a.s.a.p.!